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‘Safe Use of Lifting Equipment’ Training Courses

At Elite Cranes UK we offer a number of different training courses to help you keep your work place safe. All courses are tailored to suit the type of lifting equipment that you use. Contact Us to find out more about our courses and how we can help your business.

Our ‘Safe Use of Lifting Equipment’ courses target


An understanding and acceptance of these responsibilities by lifting equipment users will result in a reduction of equipment damage and enable a safer workplace.

Avoiding Misuse

Misuse due to ignorance is a major cause of accidents. The correct and safe way to use each type of equipment will be demonstrated.

Fault Finding

Worn or damaged equipment is another major cause of accidents. The ability of the user to identify such faults can avoid accidents from occurring.


What is Included?

Course Materials

Lecture & Discussion / Video Films / Overhead Slides / Samples of Damaged and Worn Lifting Equipment

The Syllabus Includes :

  • The Law
  • Types of Lifting Equipment
  • Causes of Accidents
  • Assessing the Load
  • Safe Use of Lifting Gear including Practical Demo’s

Attendee Certification

Following an assessment test, each attendee is provided with a certificate of training, with a duplicate copy for the employer.


Elite Cranes UK are able to carry out the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment Training Programs at customers locations throughout the United Kingdom. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or would like more information.

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